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“Success has 3 letters: ACT!”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How does a Success Journal work?

It’s easy! Every day write at least three things that were successful for you: when you finished a task, when you made someone else happy, when someone praised you, and so forth.

What you record extends your positive thoughts. You will become aware of how good you are. You gain more self-confidence, become braver, and have more faith in yourself.

To help you remember your successes, you will find a positive affirmation on each page. These are ideas to strengthen and assure you.

If you want to develop a good habit, you have to do something again and again, regularly and consistently. This is why you have enough space in your Success Journal for the next thirty days.

Start right away and write down on your Success Journal page at least three things that were successful for you today.

Best wishes for your success!

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Größe 14,5 × 10,50 × 0,2 cm

Journal, A6, 36 Pages, Softcover, with illustrations, colored


5 and up


Jonathan Mittermair


Marcelo T. Lavallén


Claudio Lavallén

Artistic Advisors

Christoph & Johanna Mittermair


Translated from German by Aileen Derieg

Title of the original book published in German in 2016:
Mein Erfolgstagebuch
ISBN 978-3-9504177-8-4


First English Edition November 2017



Printed by / online Druck GmbH, Wr. Neudorf, Austria

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